Top 25 Best Minecraft Bukkit Plugins in 2023 (UPDATED)

Minecraft Bukkit Plugins

What is a Minecraft Bukkit Plugin?

Minecraft Bukkit Plugin

Minecraft is a sandbox-style game that is focused on open-ended exploration with a focus on creativity.

It has become popular in the past decade, and more recently plugins have been developed to extend how players can play and interact.

A Bukkit Plugin is a mod for the game Minecraft that is used to control objects and characters in the game.

They can be used to display data from a database, add new features to the game, or provide tools for players to use.

25 Best Minecraft Bukkit Plugins In 2022

Building a game is a difficult task, and many problems have to be solved. Bukkit plugins are the best way to deal with these problems.

We present a list of 25 of the most important, most widely used, and most complex plugins in Minecraft.

1. WorldEdit for Bukkit

WorldEdit for Bukkit

WorldEdit is a plugin for Minecraft. Instead of being limited to editing a single map, WorldEdit for Bukkit lets you edit any world.

It provides you with some powerful tools to make changes to the landscape of your Minecraft server.

Instead of placing individual blocks, WorldEdit allows you to modify every single block within a defined volume to any type of block you like.

2. Marriage Master

Marriage Master

This plugin allows you to create a wedding reception, wedding, or ceremony for your character, which can then be attended by the player.

You can get married a second time to change some of the options for your first marriage.

3. OpenInv


OpenInv is a Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft that allows the player to open an inventory window in-game and lets you create virtual stores.

You can easily add items, prices, and sales. In the latest version of this plugin, all the features are accessible to offline players as well.

4. SilkSpawners


This plugin allows you to spawn silkworms and silk nests for your silk farm. This creates an infinite food source for you to grow your silk farm.

This plugin makes it possible to pick up and move mob spawners you wish.

5. Holographic Displays

Holographic Displays

The Holographic displays plugin allows for the display of holographic images in-game using the player’s screen.

This Plugin lets you get players’ attention without spamming the chat repeatedly.

This is a way to give the player a display that is always visible, no matter which direction they walk or look.

6. Dynmap®


Dynmap can be called the Google Map of Minecraft. This plugin is a dynamic mapping program that can help a player build, navigate, and explore their world in Minecraft.

This creates a detailed view of the world and can be easil accessed from any browser, along with real time updates.

7. Minepacks


Minepacks is a Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft. It adds several features such as the ability to split blocks into different types for easier transport.

In addition to the ability to split blocks into different types, Minepacks can also generate a variety of containers for the player to store items.



This Plugin allows you to set up custom villager shopkeepers that would sell exactly what you want them to, and for price you wish.

You can also set up admin shops, which have infinite supply. You can also set up player shops, which pull out supplies from a chest.

Using this, you can also prevent any trades with non-shopkeeper villagers if you do not want any trades with them.

9. EssentialsX


EssentialsX provides many useful features, such as a world editor, a plugin management system, a debug console, and a configuration tool.

The EssentialsX plugin is a Bukkit plugin that provides several useful features. This plugin is a Bukkit plugin that allows you to add custom options to your game.

10. MobArena


Mobreana is a Gladiator style Plugin where you can fight monsters, play on your own or team up with friends, and earn exciting prizes.

You can build your own arena with completely customizable classes, waves and rewards. The Plugin is easy to set up and use.

11. CoreProtect


In presence of server mods and server hosts, sometimes it is needed to know which change has taken place or by whom it was made.

Using this plugin, players will know what caused their chickens to escape the fencing and can rollback to get them back where they were before escaping.

This Plugin is fast, and brings up your requested information in an instant.

12. Tree Assist

Tree Assist

Tree Assist will allow you to put trees in the world. You can also protect your trees from being destroyed.

It also allows you to grow plants on your trees and harvest your crops.

13. CraftBook 3

CraftBook 3

Craftbook 3 for Minecraft is a heavily customizable plugin that allows you to craft a variety of items.

This plugin allows you to craft a variety of items, but some items are more difficult to craft than others. This is one of the oldest plugins in MInecraft.

14. MyCommand


MyCommand is a plugin for Minecraft that allows you to create commands to be used in-game. You can also use it to create commands to automate actions in the game.

The custom created commands allow you to add all kinds of commands with different functions to the server.

15. PowerRanks


PowerRanks plugin allows you to manage the ranks you create within a server. For instance, you can make each rank visible or invisible as per your preferences.

You can also modify the name and chat colors for all the users under specific ranks.

PowerRanks is one of the best-rank plugins, easy to use, rapid, and extremely customizable. All of its features are accessible for free.

16. ChatFeelings


ChatFeelings is a plugin that allows you to display the feelings that your players have in chat. You can hug, slap, poke or hi five other players using commands in chat.

This plugin allows you to configure the appearance of chat in a certain way.

17. GUI Shop

GUI Shop

GUI Shop is a Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft that allows you to create a shop window for your game.

It is a Bukkit plugin that allows you to design your shop window and place it in the world. This plugin allows you to add more functionality to your game.

18. Scavenger


ScavengerHunt is a basic scavenger hunt event. Items to be scavenged and the rewards for the winner can be defined.

You can also set mob killing objectives using commands and can be stopped when a player acquires the specified items and completes the objectives.

It allows you to hunt down items in the Minecraft world and put them in your inventory.

19. Advanced Portals

Advanced Portals

Advanced Portals makes your game more interactive. You can use it to teleport you to different locations in the game.

You can create portals that you can use to get to other dimensions. You can also use the advanced portal to teleport to other places on the server.

20. DropHeads


DropHeads is an extremely popular plugin for Minecraft that will allow you to drop items at key locations in your game at key locations in the world.

It allows you to drop a key item from your inventory at a key location in the world and then teleport to that same location.

Dropping items in the world and teleporting to key locations is a powerful tool for your game and would help you perform better.

21. UberEnchant


UberEnchant for Minecraft will allow you to create UberEnchantments that can be placed in the world.

This Plugin for Minecraft allows you to create specific items that are special in your game, for example, a potion that you drink allows you to fly.

This plugin also allows you to enchant different items with different effects.

22. Ban Management

Ban Management

Ban Management allows you to control your player’s account’s status and the ability to ban players from your server.

This is a plugin that allows you to control your player’s account status and the ability to ban players from your server.

23. SecurityVillagers


This is a plugin that allows you to limit the access that players have to your server. SecurityVillagers allows you to create villagers that only players with a certain level of permissions can access.

It also permits you to protect villagers and any mob related to them, you can choose which players or groups can interact with these mobs.

24. Magic


One of the most powerful features of the plugin is the ability to create powerful spells that can be used in your game.

A magical world full of monsters and other creatures. This Plugin provides you with over 200 spells and a variety of wand templates making the game magically exciting.

25. SignBoard


This plugin is a Bukkit plugin that allows you to create signboard items for your game. These signboard Items let you display signboard messages in your game.

This plugin for Minecraft allows you to create a signboard anywhere in the world. You can create a signboard that allows the player to teleport to a specific location.


Bukkit Plugins are an add-on for the Minecraft game which allows players to create plugins to add new features to the game.

The plugins listed above are among the top Bukkit Plugins of Minecraft and the Top 25 at that. Try embedding these into Minecraft to improve your gameplay.

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