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15 Proven Tips For Improving Your FPS Game Aim (Expert Tips)

Improve Aim in FPS Games

Nowadays, gamers face a common crisis about awful aiming. Particularly, in First-person shooter games where the guns are in action.

To enhance the aiming skills all you need to do is follow the tips given below. Let’s look into it with a broad angle.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is the key to perfect aiming. You can also rehearse offline with bots & be an ideal player. It also provides you with other human competitors making it a natural game with teammates.

You can practice daily using tool like CPS Test which helps you to improve your mouse clicking speed and accuracy.

2. Get A Controller with A Higher Sensitivity

Higher Sensitivity Controller
Higher Sensitivity Controller

If you are not able to improve your aim in FPS games, you need to give it a try to achieve high sensitivity on your mouse settings or faster sensitivity on the console also helps.

It works for some people very well. If it isn’t working well for you, try to adjust mouse sensitivity oppositely.

3. Try Other Guns


Trying variations while using guns. Don’t be limited & try out every possible gun to overpower your opponents.

You’ll not know which weapon is suitable for you unless you try it. Try switching between snipers or assault rifles. If it does any positive impact on your game, adopt it.

4. Take Advantage of Certain Game Features

Features are reinforced in games for the convenience of users. You should try out different elements to develop your game & if don’t realize the value of certain features you should consider playing without them to appreciate their existence.

Specific features are given in several FPS games such as Movement assists, auto-aim, Health packs, aim assists, etc. Make the most of them.

5.Practice Hip Firing

Practice Hip Firing
Hip Firing

Some FPS games have iron sights while aiming & some don’t. If such sights are available in your game you should keep in mind how to play in situations that ask to play without it.

Hip firing is considered to be very beneficial in several games but you need to learn the correct time to utilize it.

6. Keep Practicing These Tips Until They Stick

Practicing is an art in itself. If you master this art, you’ll master the FPS games as a player with 10 hours of practice may not improve but a player with 2 hours of practice can do wonders if done effectively.

Quality over quantity. Once you start improving, you’ll understand how to use this tip in a proper manner.

7. Play The Objective

Play The Objective
Play The Objective

If you don’t play enemy killing games you should consider playing objective game modes even they help you for a proper aim. Nowadays, many games provide rewards for playing objectives.

8. Stay Calm

If you are playing FPS online you should not lose focus at any cost. Staying calm always helps to get better though it might not enhance your aim, it’ll enhance your brain & score more.

Don’t panic or fight with your teammates. Stay calm & you’ll learn.

9. Play Smart

As told earlier, some games reward for playing objectives as well. Make a smart move when you play these game modes.

Make an attempt to stay alive for a longer period while invading enemies or when you are planting or defusing the bomb in-game like Counterstrike.

It requires more skill than just going on through the map. First practice & then execute.

10. Watch What the Best Players Are Doing

Watch What the Best Players Are Doing
Best Players

Nowadays, many videos regarding anything & everything surf the internet. What can be the better part?

If you want to master the FPS game do consider watching numerous videos related to the concept. Watch the videos made by skilled players & the weapons used by them.

11. Try Out Some Aim Training Maps

 Aim Training Maps
Training Maps

This is a very unique tip for your betterment in the game. Many games have an inbuilt element of maps whereas some other games allow external applications that can run through maps while hitting the target.

12. Take Your Time

Take your amount of time & be patient before jumping into playing the FPS games just as a beginner. Make a daily drill.

Hurrying is never recommended; it will give to initial success in killing your enemies but it won’t last long. Play with your family or friends before challenging strangers online.

13. Check Your Crosshair Placement

Check Your Crosshair Placement

Some games also come with an auto-aiming feature even if you’re not accurate at aiming it helps. In such cases, you can consider checking or adjusting your crosshair placement.

Plus, you can try playing the game without any assistance by following the tips given above.

14. Watch Your Recoil

Even if FPS games allow bullet drops some still follow the traditional recoil pattern for players’ weapons. Instead of specific maps, you can use training maps.

While shooting at random surfaces or walls you’ll learn to control your gun & will make your target specific.

15. Pick A Good Weapon

Pick A Good Weapon
Good Weapon

There are weapons always better than the other. Every weapon has its own importance while aiming.

This may not be the exact way to improve your aiming skills but it’ll help you find an appropriate weapon for you.

Keep swapping weapons till you find a perfect weapon for yourself. Some weapons are best for specific game modes while they might turn out to be bad for others.

Choose them wisely. If you think you’re good at handling a particular weapon it’s the best way to become a pro-FPS player.


As per the information provided above, you must have understood aim is a very crucial facet of first-person shooter games and makes a huge impact.

The good aim will provide you with an edge while playing it in online mode with various new players may it be your family or friends.

Here we can conclude that you should play with more experienced players to perfect your accuracy plus it also permits you to play distinct maps & competing with them will take your game to a next level.

Follow the instructions religiously & you’ll put a step forward for being a skilled FPS player.

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