Clicks Per Second

Click per second is the unit used to calculate your mouse clicking speed. Take a CPS test to check how fast you can Click in a given time frame.

What is Clicks Per Second?

Click per second is an acronym for the click speed test or CPS test. This test allows you to calculate the number of mouse clicks in one second. Clicking speed is essential in competitive FPS games like COD, counter-strike, Fortnite, etc. Several Minecraft gamers use the Kohi click technique to touch the highest ranking in the PvP battle.

A good gaming mouse and correct mouse sensitivity settings can help you achieve the targeted click speed. Generally, gamers attend several gaming practice sessions to develop higher CPS.

How To Calculate Clicks Per Second?

Time and the total number of clicks are the core factors used to calculate your click speed test performance. For example, if you are taking a time-based test, you have to click the mouse the number of times you can, in a given time frame. CPS test aims to calculate how fast you can click the mouse. Thus, the CPS Speed can be calculated by the number of Clicks you have registered in one second.

Note:The highest clicks in less time will lead to the highest ranking in the CPS game.


CPS Speed = Total Number of Clicks / Total Time taken in Seconds.


Consider that you have taken the 10-second challenge, and within those 10 seconds, you were able to flicker the mouse 62 times, your CPS score will be 62 Clicks/10 Seconds= 6.2. The CPS speed can also be increased with time and practice, all you have to do is practice regularly.

How To Perform Clicks Per Second Test?

To perform the Clicks Per Second Test, you should have the following-

  • A laptop or PC.
  • An external mouse, preferably a gaming mouse.
  • An internet connection.

With these entities, you can perform the Clicks Per the Second test. To take this test, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Navigate to 'Click Speed Test'.
  3. Click on the "Start Test" option in the colored box to initiate a test.
  4. Keep clicking until the timer stops.
  5. The CPS Result will be declared as soon as the test ends.

Now you can also check your mouse scrolling speed using our scroll speed test tool online. Also know how many pixel per second you can scroll.

What Are the Different Types of Clicking Methods?

CPS Tests can be taken in the form of games or different challenges. You can take this test on your preferred browser and can share the results with your friends.

Also, while taking this test you can practice using different clicking methods that would help you in increasing your clicking speed and efficiency. You can also apply these techniques in different games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Valorant. Some of the techniques that you can practice using are mentioned below.

1. Regular Clicking:

Regular clicking is a common mouse-clicking technique used by average users to carry out daily tasks. Every mouse user clicks the mouse using this regular clicking technique. On average, regular clickers can score up to 4-6 clicks per second which can be boosted up to 8 CPS with dedicated practice.

However, the regular clicking method might not be beneficial in achieving high gaming performance, as 6-7 CPS is not enough to compete against the PRO players. But you can still use this technique for a lot of other causes.

2. Butterfly Clicking:

The butterfly clicking technique is the most widely used in the gaming community. In this technique, the user uses two fingers to click the mouse instead of one. The fingers are used alternatively, which means that when one finger is done clicking and is raised, the other finger clicks at that time.

This allows the user or players to gain a higher CPS without missing any clicks. This also allows the user to acquire more precision while aiming for the targets to shoot or capture.

Where the Regular Kohi clicking technique produces up to 7 CPS, the butterfly technique may produce up to 20 CPS. This makes this technique one of the most favorable for Minecraft and other games. However, one of the drawbacks of this fast clicking of the butterfly technique is that some of the game servers think of it as an auto clicker and ban it, including Minecraft. This technique can help you gain higher CPS score and a higher rank in gaming.

3. Drag Clicking:

If you are looking for an edge in Minecraft PvP combats, you should go for the Drag Clicking Method. This method is one of those which cannot be tried on with a regular mouse. To drag click, you would require a gaming mouse which would help you register hundreds of clicks to generate higher CPS.

The Drag Clicking technique is helpful for people who want to increase their CPS, score highest, and apply these skills in gaming. This technique involves dragging the mouse and clicking in once rapid succession.

4. Jitter Clicking:

The jitter clicking technique is also used by gamers, but the difference is that this technique is mostly used by pro gamers. In Jitter clicking, your arm strength is used to generate vibration in your hand and pass it to your index finger to achieve more clicks. In this clicking method, your arm and wrist work along with your fingers to jitter more clicks to get the best performance in gaming with a higher CPS Speed than other techniques.

Jitter clicking requires a high level of practice and posture that helps the users overcome hand and body pain that might occur due to the extensive clicking. So, you must practice jitter clicking using the proper technique to excel it.