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Take Clicks Per Second test to check your mouse clicking speed. The game is popularly named as CPS Test and Click Speed Test game.

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What Is Clicks Per Second Test Or Click Speed Test?

The clicks per second test allows you to check your mouse clicking speed in a given time frame i.e 5 seconds. The game is mainly inspired from the click speed test game which is used by minecraft players to boost their mouse clicking speed.

Clicking speed is essential in competitive FPS games like COD, counter-strike, Fortnite, etc. Several Minecraft gamers also use the CPS Test game to improve their clicking speed which helps them to get the highest ranking in the PvP battle.

A good gaming mouse and correct mouse sensitivity settings can help you achieve the targeted clicking speed. Generally, gamers attend several gaming practice sessions to develop a higher CPS rate.

How To Calculate Clicks Per Second Rate?

Clicks per second is a unit used to measure how many clicks you can register in one second time frame. To know your CPS just divide total number clicks by the total time taken to register clicks.


CPS Speed = Total Number of Clicks / Total Time taken in Seconds.

Let Understand By Below Example:

If you click the mouse 62 times within a 10 second click test i.e 62 clicks/10 seconds, your CPS score would be 6.2. Regular practice can boost your CPS.

How To Play a CPS Test Game?

Follow below steps to take the click speed test challenge to measure your clicking speed.


Visit the official website


Click on the "Start Test" option in the colored box to
initiate a test.


Keep clicking until the timer stops.


The CPS Result will be declared as soon as the test ends.

CPS Test Ranks

Test your clicking speed and see where you rank among the fastest clickers! We've designed nine ranks based on CPS Test Scores, so you can gauge your clicking abilities and strive for a higher rank.

Can you out click the competition and reach the top ranks? Challenge yourself and discover if you're a clicking Sloth, a speedy Cheetah, or somewhere in between.

Aim for the highest clicks per second score and prove that you're the ultimate click master. Start clicking now and claim your rank in the “Click Speed Test Hall of Fame!”

small sloth


CPS Score: 0-3.5

You might want to pick up
the pace a little!

small turtle


CPS Score: 3.6-5.5

You're making progress, but
there's room for

small panda


CPS Score: 5.6-6.9

Nice work! You're clicking at
a steady and respectable

small buffalo


CPS Score: 7.0-7.5

You're clicking like a
powerful buffalo.

small rabbit


CPS Score: 7.6-8.5

Your clicking speed is as fast
as a rabbit. Great job!

small tiger


CPS Score: 8.6-9.0

Your clicking speed is as
fierce as a tiger. Well done!

small cheetah


CPS Score: 9.1 and above

You're the fastest of them
all, a true clicking cheetah!

Top Clicking Methods To Click Faster

Also, while taking this clicking test you can practice using different clicking methods that would help you in increasing your clicking speed and efficiency. You can also apply these techniques in different games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Valorant. Some of the techniques that you can practice using are mentioned below.

1. Jitter Clicking - Lighting Fast Clicks:

The jitter clicking technique is also used by gamers, but the difference is that this technique is mostly used by pro gamers while practicing at CPS Test. In Jitter clicking, your arm strength is used to generate vibration in your hand and pass it to your index finger to achieve more clicks.

In this clicking method, your arm and wrist work along with your fingers to jitter more clicks to get the best performance in gaming with a higher clicking speed than other techniques.

Jitter clicking requires a high level of practice and posture that helps the users overcome hand and body pain that might occur due to the extensive clicking. So, you must practice jitter clicking at click speed test using the proper technique to excel it.

2. Drag Clicking - Game Changing Technique:

If you are looking for an edge in Minecraft PvP combats, you should go for the Drag Clicking Method. This method is one of those which cannot be tried on with a regular mouse.

To drag click, you would require a gaming mouse which would help you register hundreds of clicks to generate higher CPS in the CPS Test.

The Drag Clicking technique is helpful for people who want to increase their CPS in minecraft, score highest, and apply these skills in gaming. This technique involves dragging the mouse and clicking in once rapid succession.

3. Butterfly Clicking - Crush Your Clicking Limits:

The butterfly clicking technique is the most widely used in Click Speed Test to register the highest clicks per second. In this technique, the user uses two fingers to click the mouse instead of one. The fingers are used alternatively, which means that when one finger is done clicking and is raised, the other finger clicks at that time.

This allows the user or players to gain a higher CPS without missing any clicks. This also allows the user to acquire more precision while aiming for the targets to shoot or capture.

Where the Regular clicking technique produces up to 7 CPS, the butterfly technique may produce up to 20 CPS. This makes this technique one of the most favorable for Minecraft and other games.

However, one of the drawbacks of this fast clicking of the butterfly technique is that some of the minecraft servers like Hypixel think of it as an auto clicker and ban it, including Minecraft. This technique can help you gain a higher CPS score and a higher rank in gaming.

4. Regular Clicking - Level Up Your Clicking Game:

Regular clicking is a common mouse-clicking technique used by average users to carry out daily tasks. Every mouse user clicks the mouse using this regular clicking technique. On average, regular clickers can score up to 4-6 clicks per second which can be boosted up to 8 CPS with dedicated practice.

However, the regular clicking method might not be beneficial in achieving high gaming performance, as 6-7 CPS is not enough to compete against the PRO players. But you can still use this technique for a lot of other causes.

Improve Clicking Speed To Click Faster In Minecraft

To improve your clicking speed, follow the points mentioned below.

Use Gaming Mouse

If you are using a regular mouse, the results may not be that interesting. However, if you use a gaming mouse to click, you can see a gradual improvement in your clicking speed.

Use Proper Mouse Grip

Different mice have different grips. Select a proper mouse that has the perfect grip that you can use to practice clicking speed and this will make a great difference.

Adjust Mouse Setting (DPI & Sensitivity)

Mouse sensitivity plays an important role in one’s clicking speed. If the DPI of the mouse is set correctly, your CPS can be improved.

Practice Clicking Games

Clicker games and click test games can be used to practice to increase the clicks per second. These games and tools have different modes such as easy for beginners, intermediate for a level higher, and the advanced level for pro clickers. This is also for the people who wish to increase their CPS up to a certain level.

Use High Quality Mouse Pad

The mouse pad determines the quality of movement of the mouse. Thus, a good quality mouse pad is important to ensure that your mouse rests on.

Hits Blocks Quickly Practicing Double Clicking

In Minecraft, You can find certain blocks on which you can practice double-clicking. To double-click, click on the same point of the screen twice, without much delay.

Try Different Clicking Methods

Clicking methods are developed to help generate more clicks in less time without putting a lot of effort in. Go for clicking methods like butterfly clicking, drag clicking, or jitter clicking that could help you get better in CPS games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can You Click Your Mouse?

Your clicking speed can vary depending on several factors such as age, practice duration, technique, and mouse type. Based on our extensive CPS Test records from nearly 10 million people, the average clicking speed typically falls between 5 to 7 clicks per second. It's important to note that individual results may vary based on personal factors and skill level. Take our Click Speed Test and discover your own clicking speed.

How Many Times Can You Click The Mouse?

The number of times a person can click the mouse varies from person to person. For example, an average person can register 5-7 clicks in one second whereas professional gamers can register up to 15 clicks per second which is considered a good CPS rate.

How Fast Can I Click In 10 Seconds?

The record for the most clicks in 10 seconds is 13.4 CPS. With regular practice and following the proper tips you can reach this CPS or even higher.

How Many Clicks Can You Do Per Second?

Depending on your clicking style, your age, and your peripherals, the number of clicks you can do per second may vary from others. On average, a maximum of seven clicks can be made per second.

How To Calculate Clicks Per Second?

Clicks Per Second is the mouse clicking speed calculated in terms of CPS. It determines how many clicks you can make in one second and uses a formula to calculate the same. CPS is calculated by using the below formula.

CPS= Total number of clicks/Total number of seconds

What Is The Fastest Clicking Method?

The fastest clicking methods are Butterfly clicking and drag clicking. With butterfly clicking, you can make up to 25 clicks per second even on a regular mouse. However, drag-clicking can help you produce 20 clicks per second, but it requires a special mouse to be performed.

How Many Clicks Per Second Is Good?

For average users, a CPS of 7 is considered a good score. On the other hand, for gamers, a CPS of 10 to 12 is considered a good speed.

Best Clicking Method For Minecraft PvP?

The butterfly clicking technique is considered the best for Minecraft PVP. The Minecraft servers recognize it as a fair technique and do not inflict any ban on using this clicking technique, unlike other techniques.

Is Jitter Clicking Better Than Butterfly?

Jitter clicking produces a lot more clicks than butterfly clicking. However, jitter-clicking is considered unfair practice in some Minecraft servers and also, it has the potential to cause pain, discomfort, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Even though Jitter clicking helps you increase your CPS, it is advisable to perform it with care.

How Fast Can You Click In 1 Second?

A beginner can click the mouse button up to 5 to 7 times in one second whereas a pro in CPS games and clicking can click the button up to 12-15 times in a single second. As beginner 5-7 clicks and pro 12-15 Clicks.

What Is The Average CPS In 5 Seconds?

The average CPS in 5 seconds is 10 to 15 clicks. This speed can be increased by regular practice.

What Is The Average Clicks Per Second?

The average clicks per second, as per our database is 5-7 clicks. This means that an average person who is familiar with clicking, can click the mouse button 5 to 7 times in one second.

What Is The Fastest Clicks Per Second?

According to sources, the fastest click per second is 10 CPS. This record is set by Dylan Allred, Las Vegas, who clicked the mouse button around 1,051 times in just 10 seconds.

How To Aim While Jitter Clicking?

While jitter-clicking, make sure that your arm, wrist, or fingers are up in the air and only the fingertips are in contact with the mouse button. Now, aim at the target, produce vibrations on your upper hand, and transfer them to the mouse using your fingertips.

What is a CPS Tester?

CPS Tester, also known as Click Speed Test, is an online tool or game that measures the number of clicks a user can perform within a given time frame, usually one second.