Kohi Click Test

Kohi Click is a specific clicking practice used for gaming in Minecraft. In kohi click test user will identify his/her clicking ability in gaming. Here, you will get to know how quickly you can alter your clicking speed.

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What is the Kohi Click Test?

Kohi Click Test is a clicking technique that is used for clicking in the PC game Minecraft. This clicking technique is named after one of the most famous Minecraft Servers. This clicking technique helps in registering as many clicks as possible to win the game. This test determines your Clicking Speed in the unit Clicks Per Second.

This helps in determining the clicking speed which is important in general usage as well in gaming. A good Kohi Clicking Speed will gain you benefits in games such as Minecraft, Valorant, etc. With these benefits, you can participate and win gaming tournaments and be the ‘Knight in Shining Armour’ of the gaming community.

Take a kohi click test now and identify your clicking performance in terms of speed and time. While Practicing with the Kohi click test tool, you will improve your click timing, fingers strength, CPS.

How To Increase CPS Score in The Kohi Click Test?

Clicking speed matters in a lot of fields and needs to be increased. Some of the tips and tricks you can use to increase the CPS in Kohi click are.

1. Practice

Practice regularly. This is the basic step towards gaining perfection in any action. Practicing Kohi Click regularly will train your fingers and brain in clicking and you can do it better over a while. This means after some time, you will be at a CPS rank better than the day you begin clicking.

2. Use a Smaller Mouse

If you are using a huge mouse, it is preferred that you use a smaller mouse to help your fingers adjust better to the buttons and perform better in Kohi Clicking. Look for a mouse that fits your hand perfectly instead of having to stretch your hand to reach the buttons. Generally, small mouses are favorable in Kohi clicking and gaming. Thus, gaming mice are available in smaller sizes as compared to a general mouse.

3. Use A Different Mouse

If you have difficulty clicking using the mouse you are currently using, opt for one different from your current mouse. Look for a mouse that would be a better hold than the others so you can click effortlessly.

4. Try Other Clicking Methods

If you click using the general method, consider using other methods like the Jitter Click or the Butterfly click. With this, you can find the technique that is perfectly suited to you and using which, you can click better while putting the least pressure on your fingers and hands.

These techniques are developed specifically for gaming and are helpful in clicking for long hours. These techniques are all built similarly yet differently, which aid in gaining higher clicking speed, some more than average and some higher than that. Using some clicking techniques, you can boost your CPS up to 25. High, isn't it?

5. Take a Break

While clicking or taking clicking tests, take a break between these tests, and rest your fingers for a while. Starting to click again with relaxed fingers will help you click better. Working or clicking restlessly and continuously will not help in achieving a great CPS rather, it may result in finger pain and arm ache. Thus, it is needed to use some rest between tests or periodically.