30 Second CPS Test

Practice daily with this 30 second click test to match your mouse clicking sped to a gamer's level. Many pro gamers participate in thirty second clicking challenge before a gaming session.

What is 30 Second CPS Test?

Take 30 Second Click speed test to determine how fast you can click. If you have ever planned for 30 seconds, you know how long 30 seconds are. thirty Second Click test requires undivided attention and the maximum number of clicks you can register within the time.

The 30-second test needs you to be your best self so you can complete this clicking challenge. A beginner can touch the highest CPS score of 6.5 in this Click test mode, with practice, can soar up to 8.5 CPS or even more. All it takes is practice and not giving up.

You can benefit in more than one way from CPS Clicker, like gaming and relaxing. Take this test to find out how fast your fingers are.

How To Play In 30 Second Click Test Mode?

To take the 30-second test, all you need is an internet connection, a device to take this test on, and a mouse using which you can register the clicks.

Once you have all these, you can follow the steps below to take the 30 second clicking challenge.

  1. Open Clickpersecond.com and Visit 30 Second CPS test Page.
  2. The New webpage will open.
  3. Take the test and give your best up to 30 seconds.
  4. The test results are shown. It is calculated the as-Total number of clicks/30.
  5. The result along with your CPS rank is then displayed that you can share with your friend.

How To Increase Mouse Click Speed?

Increasing the mouse click speed is pretty easy. Simply follow the tips below that will help you with the clicking.

Keep Your Hand Relaxed

Clicking with a stiff hand is not as easy. So, keep your hand relaxed and then begin clicking.

Use a Light touch

Do not press the button with too much force as it may exert pressure on your finger and lead to hand or finger pain. Use light feather-like touch to click and it will keep your fingers secure while increasing the clicking efficiency.

Use The Mouse Pad

Using a mouse on some surfaces is not very beneficial for clicking. Instead, use a mousepad that will help the mouse in gliding effortlessly.

Use Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is much more durable and useful than a regular mouse when it comes to jitter click and kohi click tests, challenges, and gaming. Using a gaming mouse will increase the clicking speed gradually and unbelievably.

Practice Daily

A daily practice of clicking will train you well and hence, increase your speed and you will be able to click more without being tired.

Use The Index Finger

The proper technique of clicking includes using the index finger. You can include other fingers too, but the primary finger remains the index one. Use this rule to enhance your clicking speed.