1 Second CPS Test

The 1 Second CPS Test is the shortest and fastest way to find your clicks per second score.








What Is The 1 Second CPS Test?

The 'Clicks Per Second' test is the test that checks how fast you can click the mouse within a particular time to generate your average CPS. In the 1 second click speed test, the time allotted to register the highest number of clicks you can in 1 second. In this time, you have to use your best strategy to reach the highest clicking speed Possible.

This timed CPS tester allows you to manage each fraction of a second to gain more clicks. The beginner score using the regular mouse or regular clicking technique is 5-6 CPS, while if you are an intermediate using a gaming mouse.

While taking the CPS test, it is highly important to choose a proper mouse and a clicking technique so you have no difficulty in clicking, increasing your CPS score, and participating in challenges.

How To Perform 1 Second CPS Test?

To perform the 1 Second CPS test, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit the website and navigate to the "1 second Click Test" page on the browser.
  2. With the first click of the mouse, the test begins.
  3. Try to Click Faster before the time runs out.
  4. The clicks that you apply within the second will be registered.
  5. After the completion of the test, the results will be displayed.

How To Click Faster In 1 Second CPS Test?

There are numerous ways to achieve the highest CPS score in 1 second. With these tips, you can gain an upper hand in clicking tests and games.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is the technique in which the mouse is clicked with one finger only, instead of multiple fingers. But what makes this technique faster is the fact that the arm and wrist work along with the fingers to generate higher clicks per second. Using this technique, the CPS can be boosted up to 10-15 clicks.

Butterfly Clicking

The butterfly technique is a clicking technique that is used by gamers to get high clicking Speed. The butterfly technique is safe and does not cause any temporary or permanent pain in your arm or wrist while clicking. In this technique, the user uses two fingers while clicking. As one finger is lifted after the click, the second finger gets down to click, wasting no microsecond. In this way, a user will acquire more mouse clicking speed as much as possible.

The Kohi clicking is also a highly recommended technique if you want to improve your clicking speed without taking much effort.