2 Second CPS Test

2 Second click test is an easy CPS mode where you can test your clicking speed in 2 seconds time intervals.

What Is The 2 Second CPS Test?

The 2 second click test is the timed CPS test that is most often used as a warm-up exercise before starting Minecraft, Valorant, Clash of Clans, and other games. In the 2 second click speed test challenge, you have to click the mouse maximum times in a span of 2 seconds. After the completion of the test, the result will be calculated in the following format.

CPS= Number of clicks/2 (Because this is a 2-second test.)

The 2-second test is a time saver as you can take this test quickly for finger preparation and then start gaming. Your clicking speed can increase gradually with the timed test with regular practice and proper technique.

How To Use The 2 Second CPS Test?

To take the 2 second CPS test.

  1. Open your preferred browser on your device. Make sure it has an external mouse.
  2. Visit 2 Second CPS test of this page.
  3. Select the option that says ‘2 Second CPS Test’.
  4. When the page loads, start the test by clicking the mouse button.
  5. The test ends after 2 seconds and the result is shown on the screen.

How To Click Faster In 2 Second CPS Test?

Taking a click speed test is one easy task, but improving the CPS score might be a little tough. For some, it might be easy and for others, it might be a challenge. But the clicking speed can be improved significantly with some practice, you can follow the tips below to make it work.

Practice Different Clicking Techniques

Trying different mouse-clicking techniques. Some of them might help you more than the general clicking technique. You can use the jitter clicking, Butterfly clicking, Kohi clicking, or the drag click technique. These techniques are such that they can help you register more clicks and are helpful in pc gaming.

Adjust Mouse Sensitivity

The mouse sensitivity and DPI can be adjusted accordingly to get desired mouse performance. The sensitivity can be adjusted according to your wish or to your screen resolution or the mouse type. Adjusting this can help you gain higher Clicks in a shorter time.

Use Gaming Mouse

The regular mouse is good to achieve the average click speed target. But if you are looking to gain a better and improved cps score and a good performance in gaming, we suggest you opt for a gaming mouse.