60 Seconds CPS Test

If you believe that you are unstoppable, practice with 60 second CPS challenge and prove your gaming skills to the world.








What Is The 60 Second CPS Test?

60 Second click test mode measures how fast you can Right-click on the mouse for a minute. It requires a sensitive touch and no errors at all to pass this CPS test, so it's like playing sports or the piano.

Be consistent in this 60 second CPS test challenge to perform well. A gamer must push his boundaries and focus on practicing clicking. The more you involve in a challenge the higher you will score in long run. You can try alternative clicking techniques like jitter clicking, butterfly clicking or kohi clicking to become pro in one minute CPS mode.

How To Perform 1 Minute CPS Test?

The following steps can help you perform a 60 Second Click Speed Test and improve your clicking speed. It won't take long for you to improve the accuracy of every click.

  1. Click on the big 'START TEST' button to begin the timer one-minute timer.
  2. Begin clicking fast with your mouse.
  3. You will see the remaining time on the screen.
  4. A final score will be calculated and presented as soon as the clock reaches zero.

Why Did We Introduce The 60 Second CPS Tester?

A 60 Second click Test mode involves clicking as fast as possible for one minute. During the last period, your score will be based on the number of clicks you made.

How Accurate Should I Be in Clicking?

A good score does not require 100% accuracy. However, the higher your accuracy, the better your score will be.

How Much Does Clicking Speed Matter?

The importance of speed cannot be overstated. Clicking fast will lead to a higher score than clicking slowly.

What Should I Do If I Made a Mistake?

You should ignore any mistakes you make and click as fast as you can through the remainder of the test.

What Are the Advantages of the 60 Second Click Tester?

60 Second CPS Test has many benefits. Among them is improving your reflexes and coordination. Accuracy and speed can also be enhanced. As a result, you can become a better mouse clicker.