Mouse Scroll Test

The mouse scroll test will let you recognize your scroll speed in gaming as well as the ability of the mouse wheel to scroll the highest pixels per 100 Meters.

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What is Scroll Test?

The Mouse scroll test is a tool designed to test how fast you can use the scroll button on the mouse. Mouse scroll speed is measured in the unit ‘Pixels Per Second’. Many times, in gaming and otherwise, a higher scroll speed is beneficial. With this test, you can see how far your scrolling speed can go.

The mouse scroll test online tool proves helpful in determining the scroll speed of your mouse and checking the mouse setting. That is if you have bought a new gaming mouse and wish to check how much scrolling speed it can provide, you can use this mouse scroll wheel tester, and if you are testing some mouse scroll settings, you can still use this scroll tester to determine if the applied settings are correct.

The Mouse Scroll Test calculates your vertical scrolling speed and you can easily take this test by scrolling the wheel on your mouse. This way, you can practice using the scroll key according to your style and comfort and can also increase the speed of scrolling. On taking the mouse wheel scroll test, you will get the exact number of pixels scrolled in a second, and the terms would fluctuate with fluctuation in your scrolling speed.

Many gaming mice come with a hyper scrolling setting that allows you to scroll thousands of pixels with a single flick of the scrollbar.

How To Increase Mouse Scroll Speed?

The mouse clicking speed depends on several factors. These factors could either build or take down your scroll wheel speed. So, it is needed that you keep these factors in mind and apply them to increase the scrolling speed.

1. Select the Perfect Mouse

Select a mouse that fits perfectly into your hand, neither too big nor too small. Your fingers should fit properly on each button designated to the buttons. A gaming mouse would be a better choice as it comes in different sizes and performs better than the standard mouse.

2. Pay Attention to The Technique

While scrolling, pay attention to your technique and finger posture. This would help you scroll properly.

3. Practice

Practice scrolling regularly so you can get a better hold of the scrollbar and get used to it. The scroll speed is said to increase up to 20% with regular practicing over a course of time.

With just these steps, you can increase your scrolling speed using any mouse, standard, or gaming.

Step to Change Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 10

Any hardware like a mouse, keyboard, or printer setting can be changed in windows. The mouse settings like mouse sensitivity, response rate, and time can all be customized.

To change the mouse scroll speed in windows 10, follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Go to Settings on your Windows 10.
  2. Go to devices> mouse.
  3. On the right side, select the ‘Multiple lines at a time' option under ‘Roll the mouse wheel to scroll’.
  4. By default, the slider is set to 3. Adjust its position to specify the number of lines, which is between 1 to 100 lines at a time.
  5. To configure the mouse wheel to scroll down one screen at a time, select ‘One screen at a time’ from the Roll the mouse wheel to scroll drop-down list.
  6. You can now test the scroll speed using the Mouse Scroll Speed Test tool.

Step to Change Mouse Scroll Speed in Mac OS

  1. In the top left corner of your screen, find the Apple icon and click on it.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select -System Preferences.
  3. Click on ‘Accessibility’ in the ‘System Preferences’ menu.
  4. Scroll below and select ‘Mouse & Trackpad’ from the menu present on the left side of the Accessibility window.
  5. Click ‘Mouse Options’.
  6. Drag the slider of Scrolling speed to left or right to slow down or speed up the measure of how fast you can scroll up and down a page.
  7. Click OK and exit