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Test your maximum scroll speed with our scroll wheel test. Find out your top scrolling speed in pixels per second (PPS) with this free online scroll speed test.

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What Is a Scroll Test?

A scroll test measures how fast you can scroll up and down on your computer screen using the mouse scroll wheel. The test has you scroll as quickly as you can. It then records your top scrolling speed in pixels per second (PPS). This lets you see your maximum vertical scrolling rate. Scroll tests help gamers and others practice and improve their fast scrolling speed.

Why Take The Scroll Wheel Test?

Benefits of Faster Scrolling 

Having a faster scroll rate provides several useful benefits. It allows you to reach desired content on webpages or documents quicker by rapidly scrolling. Improved scrolling speed also enhances your ability to efficiently multitask by swiftly switching between open windows or browser tabs. 

For gamers, especially in real-time strategy (RTS) or multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genres, extremely fast scrolling can provide a performance edge.

Practical Uses

Taking a mouse scroll speed test serves multiple practical purposes. It can help identify if your current mouse's scroll wheel is malfunctioning or sluggish compared to expected scroll speeds.

When getting a new mouse, scroll tests allow you to benchmark and compare its scrolling performance to your previous mouse. Regular scroll testing also provides a way to actively practice and improve your overall scrolling speed and efficiency over time through repeated training.

Understanding Scroll Speed

Scroll speed is measured in pixels per second, or PPS. This shows how many pixels you can scroll through in just one second. Regular computer users can usually score around 300 to 500 PPS. However, people who practice scrolling a lot and get really good at it can reach over 700 PPS.

Top gamers and others skilled at scrolling can achieve extremely high scores, like over 1,000 PPS. The faster your maximum scroll speed, the better you can perform tasks requiring fast scrolling.

Factors Affecting Mouse Scrolling Speed

There are a few things that can affect how fast you can scroll. Using a higher DPI mouse setting allows for faster, more sensitive scrolling motions. Browser rendering speeds and your computer's processing power also play a role. Slower rendering can make scrolling feel more sluggish, even at high pixel rates. Testing across different systems gives you the most accurate scroll speed measurement.

Vertical Vs Horizontal Scrolling

Vertical scrolling measures how quickly you can scroll up and down. Horizontal scrolling is scrolling from side to side.

Horizontal scrolling can be useful for things like scrolling through big spreadsheets from left to right. It can also help when looking at wide websites or images that need left-to-right scrolling.

Practicing horizontal scrolling, in addition to vertical scrolling, can improve your overall scrolling speed from multiple directions. This broader skill is useful for some jobs and activities that require scrolling in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Improve My Scroll Speed Beyond The Test?

Try adjusting your mouse's DPI to a higher setting for faster scrolling. Another option is using a mouse with an infinite or free-spinning scroll wheel functionality. This allows continuous scrolling without stopping. Some gaming mice with this feature include Logitech's G502 series, MX Master, and M705 mice. Razer's Basilisk, Naga and Pro Click mice also have free-spin infinite scroll wheels.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Excessive Scroll Speed?

Scrolling extremely fast and forcefully for long periods can potentially cause wrist pain or strain over time. Be sure to take breaks to avoid injury.

What Are Some Tips For Taking The Scroll Test?

Hold your mouse comfortably but firmly. Maintain a steady, consistent scrolling pace rather than scrolling in bursts. Take a few practice scrolls beforehand.