About Us

ClickPerSecond.com is a website that focuses on improving your clicking speed. We provide a range of tools for monitoring your progress.

Global gaming hub Click Per Second is a creative hub for gamers worldwide. In addition to helping, you with your clicking rate, we also provide you with helpful information on how to improve performance when using your mouse or other devices, such as keyboards, which might be better suited to your needs depending on what you plan to do when playing games.

The focus of our site is on the players rather than the games, which enables us to provide relevant information for whatever you are playing. We hope to provide you with tools to monitor your performance in different games over time and help you make better decisions about how to improve your click-through rate.

We're always looking for new gaming partners, so if you're interested in collaborating, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our passion for gaming is evident in everything we do. Please visit ClickPerSecond.com again.

List Of Available Tools

There are various time settings for the test, from 1 second to 60 seconds. You can use our tools and provide feedback.

  1. Clicks Per Second Test (1-60 Seconds)
  2. Space Bar Test (1-60 Seconds)
  3. Mouse Scroll Test
  4. Kohi Click Test (10 Seconds)
  5. Jitter Click Test (10 Seconds)

In order to help our players with their overall gaming experience, we will continue to launch more tools like these. In addition to creating new tools, our developers continually improve existing ones. ClickPerSecond.com will continue to deliver the best to its customers.

New ideas that benefit our players are always on our mind. Let us know if you have an innovative solution! Don't be shy about sharing your idea. We'll give it the consideration and credit it deserves.

Your only requirement is that you provide us with a clear briefing about what you have in mind, the problems it will solve, and who it will benefit. Similarly, if such a tool is already on the market, why is it not popular, and what would make it more useful or affordable, etc. We can further develop a solution for you if you share these details with us using our contact us form.

Take the Click Per Second Test often so we can get to know you better. Enjoy the test and improve your clicking speed.