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Jitter click is the best mouse-clicking technique used by pro gamers in Minecraft PvP battle. Jitter clicking is mainly used to register the maximum of 12-15 CPS scores.

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What is the Jitter Click Test?

Jitter click is one of the most widely used clicking techniques in gaming. This is because the Jitter clicking allows the user to click the mouse quicker than the ordinary clicking methods. This technique is beneficial for those games, which require a burst of clicks in a single second or a short period.

Unlike other clicking methods, which just involve the use of a finger, the jitter click encompasses the use of arms and wrist along with fingers to achieve maximum clicks per second. In short, this clicking is a product of compiled work of the whole hand.

The art of jittering is generally used by gamers in games like Farmville and Minecraft. However, this practice and demand of jittering have led to the rise of a new genre of game, known as 'Clicker Games'. These types of games focus on testing the clicking speed of the players.

On a global scale, players compete to become the fastest player in a given period. This can be examined by many available tests like the 'Clicks per 1 second', 'Clicks per 5 seconds’, and more. The various jitter click tests decide which level you are on the scale of Jitter clicking.

How to Jitter Click?

In jitter click test, the gamer or user strains their arm muscles to generate and transmit those vibrations to the clicking finger that produces a burst of mouse clicks. However, jitter clicking technique is not easy and requires practice to master. It is also necessary to know that, trying this technique improperly and in improper posture may cause serious joint or finger pain. So, it is needed that you practice it using the proper methods.

In the beginning, it might seem difficult to aim at a particular spot and burst the clicks in the same place. But on regular practicing, jitter clicking becomes extremely convenient and easy to perform. While practicing jitter clicking, individuals must think of hand spasms and muscle contractions.

Correct wrist exercises at equal intervals will help you master the technique. With good practice, a player can go with longer durations of clicking without muscle contractions.

Tips To Improve Jitter Clicking

While Jitter clicking is not that easy, it can be learned and mastered by keeping a few of these points in mind.

1. Tighten Your Arm

The Jitter clicking uses the arm and wrist in accordance with the fingers to produce more clicks. You must keep your arm tight to produce greater vibrations that reach your finger and result in a good clicking speed. However, your arm should not be stiff as there is a difference between tightened arm muscles and stiff-arm muscles.

2. Do Not Move Your Finger

The Jitter clicking requires the usage of a single finger and the clicks produced are superfast. Thus, it is required that you keep your finger positioned properly and not move it as moving the finger may cause the loss of a fraction of a second. As it is already known, how sensitive each click is, it is advisable not to move or shake your fingers to avoid the loss of any click.

3. Push Up

To avoid muscle contractions or any other internal injury, it is advised to do at least ten push-ups or a 1-minute plank to tense up your muscles easily. Full body or any workout other than those of the arm are not needed, just a light warm-up will be good to go.

4. Holding Your mouse

For excellence in Jitter clicking, the mouse matters a lot, and so does the mouse holding style. Hold the mouse properly and place your fingers well on it so that you can click conveniently.

5. Level of sensitivity

The mouse sensitivity is how much the mouse moves when you flick the mouse physically. This is also a determining factor in the CPS of Jitter clicking. If you are a beginner in jitter clicking, your mouse sensitivity must be 55% with a DPI range of 800-900. Once you are comfortable with it, tweak sensitivity settings to 95-97% with a 2200 to 2270 DIP Range.

6. Accurate arm aim

Accurate arm aim is not an easily acquired trait. It might be difficult to learn but if you learn this properly, you would know where and how to aim using your arm to produce the best clicks. For better aim while jitter clicking, make sure to hold the mouse with the best grip. Claw grip with slightly palm up will help you in accurate arm aim.