10 Second CPS Test

10 Secondsclicking challenge might look difficult to pass yet it is a fun mode. Practice with ten second CPS test and check how fast can you click.

What Is The 10 Second ClickTest?

The 10 second CPS test, or ‘click speed test’ is a game that can be used to test how many times you can click the mouse button in the given time period. In 10 seconds, you can try clicking the mouse using a particular technique.

If you click 69 times in the given 10 seconds, your CPS will be 69/10= 6.9 CPS. Thus, you can gain a higher CPS than the 1 Second Click Test. You can score 6-7 CPS in the 1-second test, but you can gain more CPS like 6.8 or 7.8 in 10 seconds.

Take this test to calculate your CPS in 10 seconds. Your speed and efficiency can be tested. When the result is displayed, you will be given a rank according to your CPS speed. You can share this result with your friends and show it off.

How To Take 10 Second Click Test?

To perform the 10 Second CPS test,

  1. On your laptop or desktop, open any browser.
  2. On the browser, go to 10 Second CPS test page.
  3. When the website page appears, a default test is already opened that you can take.
  4. To take the 10-second test, look at the left panel and find ‘10 Second Test’.
  5. The 10-second test tool window appears.
  6. Register as many clicks as you can.
  7. Try to use a clicking technique like jitter, butterfly, or drag technique.
  8. When the 10-second timer ends, the clicks are no longer registered.
  9. The timer stops and the result is displayed as per how many times you have clicked the mouse button.

Why Take 10 Second Clicking Challenge?

While the 10 second clicking challenge is fun, it also provides you with many skills that you can use in many places.

Improve Clicking Speed In-Game and Win the Battle

The clicking speed matters a lot in gaming, to shoot, pick items, or target at the enemy. If your clicking speed is faster than others, then you will be able to pick items faster than other players or kill the opponent before he kills you. Improving the clicking speed gets you the MVP tag.

Help You to Perform Better in FPS Or Shooting Games

Having a greater CPS helps in FPS games and shooting games. If you are a die-hard fan of Call Of Duty, Apex Legends Titanfall, and similar games, a high CPS speed will help you reach the top.

Helps In Improving Concentration

The CPS tests help in improving the concentration of the user, which in itself is a basic necessary quality.