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12 Tips to Improve Mouse Click Speed

We have brought to you 12 fascinating tips to boost up your mouse click speed & get control over various Minecraft Game modes. Let’s throw some light on the topic & get details further.

1. Practice with CPS Test

Click Speed Test Game
Practice CPS Test

The CPS test is trending at present time. This game lets you check your click speed in chosen time variation.

Ten seconds is the standard time limit. All you need to do is click with all your sweat & blood. It will also track your progress.

It can be practiced unlimited times with zero charges, all you need is a good internet connection. CPS is the abbreviation of Clicks per the second test.

It is also known as the mouse click speed test. Clicks per second test also provide various other tests to increase your efficiency namely jitter click test, butterfly click test, etc.

It’ll also determine your accuracy to click on a moving target.

2. Use A Gaming Mouse

Use A Gaming Mouse
Gaming Mouse

Instead of using a normal mouse, go for a gaming mouse for a better experience. Specially formulated for gamers, the features of this mouse help you to modify your clicking speed.

Gaming mice have a higher DPI I.e., dots per inch rating, which consequently results in moving the cursor faster.

They come with additional side buttons to directly change DPI settings, which permits you to adjust your speed on the fly.

Such mouse buttons allow you to implement casting an ultimate or moving forward. The moral of the story is switching to a gaming mouse for the ultimate gaming experience.

3. Improve Your Mouse Grip

Improve Your Mouse Grip
Mouse Grip

Users wonder about improving their clicking speed unaware of the fact that they don’t pay hid to optimal grip or they click in an incorrect position.

Commonly made mistake known as “the claw grip” doesn’t involve using normal palm grip but instead curls up the fingers & includes squeezing of the mouse.

You need to pay attention until next time to lift your finger off the left-click button. Also, don’t try to click too much on your device.

All you need to do is click on the downside of the mouse’s body, where the bump lies.

4. Adjust Your Mouse’s DPI

If you don’t have a gaming mouse or are yet to buy one. You need to focus on adjusting your DPI settings while using a basic (not gaming) mouse that has only two keys (left and right), adjusting a new DPI can help you enhance your clicking speed.

Some mice possess DPI settings that permit to change it just in a click whereas some have options available in the software which can be modified manually.

It’s up to you as some players prefer lower sensitivity & others prefer higher sensitivity.

5. Use A Mouse Pad

Use A Mouse Pad
Mouse Pad

This can turn out to be a very useful tip. The mouse pad will help you out widely. It enables to boost up the grip on the mouse & avoid it from falling from the surface or the tabletop.

In some cases, it also helps in clicking faster if the pad is cloth-based due to the increased friction between the hand & the surface.

It balances the mouse & also prevents quick acceleration when it gets uncontrollable.

6. Use A Lighter Touch When Clicking

 Use A Lighter Touch When Clicking
Lighter Touch Clicking

It’s a common mistake made by many players that to click rapidly, squeezing the mouse is necessary.

Clicking the mouse fast can decrease the speed as you have to lift your hand off the mouse to move it in the original position for the next click.

It’s always better to use the mouse gently by keeping the fingers loose & using the appropriate amount of pressure. It helps to keep your hand in the right place without withdrawing it from the mouse.

7. Do Not Use Excessive Force When Clicking

Do Not Use Excessive Force When Clicking
Excessive Force Clicking

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re clicking your mouse extra slowly, there’s a possibility that you’re pressing harder on the mouse in the downward direction.

It results in slipping off as the cursor gets hard being pressed in a similar place again & again. That is why using a cloth pad expands your play by adding more friction.

8. Keep Your Wrist Straight While You Click

Keep Your Wrist Straight While You Click
Wrist Straight Click

Keep your wrist straight as much as it can be. Bent in the wrist results in trouble while moving your hand in a straight direction.

This can result in missing out on the target by losing control over it. To get rid of this problem, try keeping your wrist straight from the forearm & upper arm.

9. Don’t Move the Mouse Too Much or Too Quickly

Don't Move the Mouse Too Much or Too Quickly
Move the Mouse Quickly

The aim is to keep the mouse in your control so the basic idea is if you make fewer movements mouse will remain controllable.

Professional gamers tend to use mice with lower DPI as it allows in making accurate movements without worrying about flying off of the mouse.

If in case your cursor is making a lot of movements you decrease the sensitivity in the software settings potion. Plus, you can also switch to a big mouse pad so the cursor can move freely.

10. Adjust Mouse Settings to Reduce Cursor Lag

If you want to check the lag in your cursor movement you can do so by using our quick test. Move your mouse as fast as you can to check the transformation. You have to change the settings if you find a lag in the cursor.

It can adjust in the mouse software. You can look out for speed & acceleration settings to decrease the total sensitivity.

11. Make Sure That Your Desk Is at A Comfortable Height

Keep this in mind, your comfort matters the most, if your desk is very tall or very short, it can affect your play. It also puts unwanted distress on the body & makes it hard to move your hand rapidly.

The appropriate position can be found by experimenting with different positions or adjusting your chair or raising or lowering your desk.

12. Take Breaks to Stretch and Relax Your Hand

Take Breaks to Stretch and Relax Your Hand
Relax Your Hand

Ultimately, to be a pro player & maintain proper clicking speed, you should take breaks in between the clicking sessions.

Clicking too fast or too slow can cause strain in your arms & also lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

The intensity of breaks depends on players, but generally, players are recommended to take a rest for 10 minutes. It also applies to any repeating motion, not just mouse clicking.


The above tips give away some important lessons on how to improve your mouse click speed. It is by keeping patience to learn mouse movements & adjustment settings. The experiment is the key.

Keep trying new things & it’ll make you realize what is best suited to you. Once you find out the perfect setting for you it’ll be easy.

Execute the given tips carefully & you’ll achieve new records in mouse clicking.

Taking repetitive breaks & maintaining proper settings will help you sustain marvelous accomplishments.

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