Ovo Classic

Ovo Classic

OvO Classic is an arcade platformer where you speedrun levels as a stickman character. Race to the finish line flag as fast as you can. Your speed and skills will decide your high score.

Just jump, wall-jump, and slide through each level. But if you want to be a master, combine those moves for extra power-ups. Jump higher after sliding or pounding the ground.

With simple controls but challenging obstacles, the game delivers nonstop running action. Use all your stickman's abilities to blaze through stages faster than ever before. Think you can set the new speedrunning record?

Chase those high scores and become the ultimate speedrunner! Every second counts in this frantic arcade thriller. Lace up your stickman's shoes and start sprinting through OvO classic now.


  • Move - Left / Right arrows
  • Jump - Space bar
  • Slide - Downward arrow