TAG is a local multiplayer game of catch. You and up to 3 friends chase each other around different levels. Use shortcuts to bounce away from the chaser. There's also a sneaky teleport to mislead them, but you can only use it once.

Who will be the last one running?This simple yet thrilling game brings the classic game of tag to your browser. The vibrant levels and hectic multiplayer action create an addictive experience. Stay light on your feet as you hunt down your friends, utilizing every trick to evade capture.

With easy pick-up-and-play controls, TAG is perfect for couch co-op fun with family and friends. Quick rounds mean you can play again and again to settle the score. Who will reign supreme as the ultimate tag champ? Fire it up and let the chase begin.


  • Player 1: W, A and D keys
  • Player 2: Up, Right and Left arrow keys
  • Player 3: I, J and L keys
  • Player 4: T, F and H keys